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Asia Energy Approach is a registered pioneer company in Iran which provides Energy Solution services in design, simulation and analyzing. Our comprehensive validated Open source codes provide you with the opportunity to solve most complex structural engineering problems, make your design optimized and deliver precise prediction of fluid interactions at least possible time. We could offer greater reality in your simulation considering multiphysics parameters which have wide range of general to specialty application.

What we do?

Asia Energy Approach has decided to develop its international services in the form of Computational Solution from 2016. Our focus is conducting engineering simulation projects and developing validated code to meet our costumers requirements. Computational Solution develops several engineering simulation codes to optimize preliminary designs and analyze their behavior before coming to real-world environment. We advance simulation solution by:

  1. Developing our codes based on our costumers needs.
  2. Unifying our comprehensive fluid, solid, Control and flight dynamics code to offer Multiphysics solutions.
  3. Providing reliable support for customers including free consultation before accepting projects to meeting your needs after its conducting.
  4. Conducting experimental validation tests.

Who we are?

Asia Energy Approach employs experts who are professional MS and PhD level engineering in our specialized areas from Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Computational Solid Mechanic, Control, Flight Dynamics and Design Optimization. Pushing the limit of design, simulation and analyzing is the fields in which our staff are specialized. It provides our customers with the opportunity to turn their ingenious design concept into successful products in the most cost effective approach. As a measure of our success, Computational Solution has conducted several industrial and academic projects prosperously and nowadays is one of the most successful company based on its customer survey.

Simulation, Driven Products, Development

Providing the chance for costumers to test their new products and verify its reliability before ever making a prototype in most cost effective approach is our state of art services. Given the confidence that their products will perform accurately in service is our specialty. Due to accessibility to comprehensive open source codes and expert engineers no product design and simulation is beyond our capabilities. Our Open source codes reduce physical constraints so enable us to simulate tests which is impossible in normal circumstances. Our continues communications provide us with the opportunity to explore design alternatives for an optimal solution. It enables us to test thousands of designs at the least possible time. Our Simulation-Driven Product Development Policy steer us to the most optimized solution.


Our Costumers

A wide range of industries from renewable energy, automotive, aerospace, turbomachinery and chemical processing to academics from universities and research centers are of our customers. Our customers are designing new automobiles, robust control systems, efficient tidal and wind turbines, optimized solar energy solution and novel methods for electronics cooling, so our supports help them to meet their needs in most efficient approach.